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Choosing your underlay is just as important as choosing your carpet!
Dunlop Carpet Cushion is made in New Zealand using world-leading MaxbondTM Cushioning System. Dunlop only use the highest quality materials and processes that guarantee the best comfort per kilo of foam is delivered to ensure a long-lasting luxurious feel.


Dunlop Pure 11.5mm 140kg

Protect your floor from kids, pets, and spills with Dunlop Pure.
Dunlop® Pure Deluxe Carpet Cushion features a perfect blend of Memory Foam, Latex, and European Comfort Foams with a layer of advanced moisture protection.

Dunlop Pure Underlay Specs

Dunlop Opal 11mm 120kg

Featuring Dunlop’s MaxbondTM advanced cushioning system.
A very high density carpet cushion providing the best comfort underfoot, excellent insulating and acoustic properties, and the assurance that the life of your carpet is maximised.

Dunlop Opal Underlay Specs

Dunlop Emerald 10mm 95kg

Featuring Dunlop’s MaxbondTM advanced cushioning system.
This medium density carpet cushion has a generous thickness that provides great value everyday comfort, to enhance the life of your carpet.

Dunlop Emerald Underlay Specs
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